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A Rare Gift

Charles Morgan gives his readers a rare gift in "Matters of Life and Data." He brings us a story of great courage and honesty. It takes a brave soul to allow others to see what is less than perfect about one's self. Charles takes off his mask and drops the facade so that we can experience the way his life really happened for him. The evolution of computing technology is inevitably interwoven with the development of Charles's business success and the evolution of his own identity. Charles has done something we all would like to be able to do. He has written his own life's script. It's a great read!

by David DeGraff on Matters of Life and Data
An Inspiring Read !

I am approximately halfway through reading Matters of Life and Data. Not only is it a compelling and enjoyable read it is inspiring!

To read how an individual from a humble background grew a company of 25 employees in to a 7000 employee company renews your faith in the American dream.

I am ordering a copy for each of my grandchildren.

by Kenneth Lee on Matters of Life and Data
A Quality Business Book about Leadership, Technology and Entrepreneurship

This book stands on its own as a book about business, leadership and the implications of technological change. As an entrepreneur myself, I was left wanting more. Oh, and by the way, the book is extremely interesting if you like cars, politics or business history. It is not every day that you find a technological whiz and businessman that can also tell a story. Yes, this book is autobiography, but it is a fun, thought-provoking read. Enjoy.

by Susie Pryor Tindall on Matters of Life and Data
Matters of Life and Data

It just does not get any better than this book by Charles Morgan. Even if I had not known many of the people from Fort Smith Morgan wrote about I still would consider it a great read. My brother, Tommy Pryor, called me to tell me about the book, and that he simply could not put it down. Curtis Shipley had said the same thing. What a joy it was to read about Fort Smith Junior High as well as Senior High, where the school spirit soared while not compromising educational stimulation, as evidenced by the author's creative skills and successes. The town was - and is -unique in so many ways that it makes one want to write even more about experiences there.
Thank you, Charles. Best wishes,

by John English on Matters of Life and Data
Charles Morgan: tenacious and innovative

This book is inspiring and a must read for entrepreneurs. Mr. Morgan vulnerably discusses the building of one of the nation's first "big data / data analytics" companies. Their approach to utilize older technology to save millions to garner game changing information from masses of data is remarkable. Mr. Morgan learned early in the building of Acxiom to build an organization with talent and personalities in mind. As a fellow Arkansan, I am proud that he and his business partners (like Jim Womble and Rodger Kline) joined a host of others (aka, Sam Walton and JB Hunt) to demonstrate to the Nation that great business leaders come from states like AR!

by Susan Nichols Pitts on Matters of Life and Data
Loved this book!

Fascinating biography - from Charles' childhood in Ft. Smith through his amazing success as an entrepreneur. This book is a great read, full of interesting insights; a glimpse into the mind of a shrewd and forward-thinking man.

by Rob Harris on Matters of Life and Data
Matters of Life and Data

A riveting read! This book tells the story of an entrepreneur’s drive and vision to build and create something never done before. He fights through family issues, commercial challenges and personal demons in a colorful, humorous and elegant manner. Charles Morgan reveals himself in a way that is both instructive and educational to those who also want to live a life well lived. Well done Charles!

by Bill Hoag on Matters of Life and Data
Truly a joy to read. Actually enjoyed the early history as much as the remarkable success story. He prose is almost conversational in style..

Truly a fun read. Actually enjoyed the early days as much as the remarkable success story of Axiom. The prose is almost conversational in style. I really enjoyed the story.

by Terry Drohlich Goldman on Matters of Life and Data
An engaging story about being true to your destiny - told with passion and courage - 'this is the stuff movies are made of'

In every generation there are just a handful of men and women that truly rise to their destiny and become the change agents needed to push business and ultimately civilization to the next level. Such is the case with Charles Morgan. His is a story about taking risks, following your dreams and the relentless drive needed to pursue one's passions. Charles Morgan's MATTERS OF LIFE AND DATA is a great read and a wild ride filled with personal poignant moments, artful negotiations and inspiring life lessons. I didn’t want it to end.

by Roby Brock on Matters of Life and Data
Just Awesome

Evel Knievel meets James Bond meets Bill Gates. -- Roby Brock, Editor-in-Chief and host of Talk Business & Politics

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