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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a problem with my order/ How can I get in contact?

All questions about the website, book, and/or ordering will be answered through [email protected]. If necessary, it may be suggested to leave your phone number for more detailed support. You can also leave your question in the form above.

Where can I see all the events and books signings?

There are always events, shows, and books signings that pop up through upcoming months. To view the most recent events you can go to

Do you have a Facebook or other social media?

Yes! Please follow the book Facebook page at for book specific updates. You can also follow Charles Morgan’s fan page at

Other social media is listed below:


Can I send a book to someone else?

Yes. Please indicate that the shipping address is different from billing by clicking the check-mark on the Checkout page in your ordering process. If personalized, please tell us you the book is for in the “Order Notes”, also located on the Checkout page.

How do I dictate specific notes for my personalized book?

On the Checkout Page you can write your notes in the box under “Order Notes”.

Who is the publishing company for Matters of Life and Data?

Morgan James Publishing

Do I have to buy the book from this website?

While the book will not officially be released until July, you can still pre-order your books from any of your favorite bookstores. Links are listed on the “Order Now” page.

Are there eBooks available?

Yes! You can get your copy on 2000+ different digital formats.