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Listen to Charles Morgan’s interview (July 17, 2015) on WMST-AM Dan Manley “Mornings on Main”

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Charles Morgan: Matters of Life and (Big) Data –

“It was our pleasure to welcome Charles Morgan to Intrepid Radio!  He recently joined us to discuss his new book Matters of Life and Data: The Remarkable Journey of a Big Data Visionary Whose Work Impacted Millions (INCLUDING YOU), which outlines the key elements of building a successful business and of being THE #BigData pioneer all within the context of Charles personal story of growth and life.”

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Cincinnati Business Talk Radio Show –

Charles Morgan’s interview with Kyle at KUAF! Click here to listen to this exclusive interview discussing more details about Charles’ journey though his career: From Ft. Smith to Acxiom.kuaf image

Gregg Greenberg – Corporations and government agencies alike need to change their mindsets if they want to keep their data safe from hackers, said Charles Morgan, author of Matters of Life and Data and former CEO of Acxiom Corporation (ACXM). ‘We always spent a lot of time on the whole concept that privacy and security is a state of mind,’ said Morgan. ‘It is how you act every day, not rules you follow. It is your attitude toward protecting this important asset which is customer data.’ On the topic of privacy, Morgan said he went so far as to appoint Jennifer Barrett as Acxiom’s first Chief Privacy Officer in 1991, a position she still holds today at the company. As for the recent privacy breaches in the Federal government’s computer system, Morgan said the hackers are far ahead of those trying stop them from breaking in and stealing precious data. Morgan criticized the Office of Personnel Management, which revealed earlier this month that 21.5 million people had their information hacked from government servers, for only having a single identification factor in its security system. ‘Once you’ve gotten inside the government or the Office of Personnel Management, if you get through one factor you can get anything, and they did,’ said Morgan.

 Watch Change of Attitude the Key to Beating Hackers Says Former Acxiom CEO