Skype-in in on The Hard Line

Prepping to skype with Ed Berliner, host of Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line”

Late yesterday Emmy-winning Ed Berliner, host of Newsmax TV’s The Hard Line news talk show, invited me to weigh in on privacy and security.  Ed is a seasoned talking head, and the topic was the breaking news about the Office of Personnel Management’s announcement late yesterday afternoon that there had been a data breach in APRIL. Potentially 4 million people had their personally identifiable information compromised in this latest hack. For more on the topic click this link.


I have asked time and again, how can the Federal Government say “we have the tools to fight the hackers if we will just use” them when their own computers are being compromised at the Office of Personnel Management just this week? We need cyber security leadership from somewhere. If we don’t do something to beef up security of the internet, this will continue to happen and the sky is the limit on what these data bad guys can and will do.

I was the first guest on The Hard Line discussing this topic…if you would like to take a look click here to see the segment from June 4th. Thanks to Ed Berliner for the opportunity.

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